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As part of her 2013 New Year’s Resolution, Kristen has committed to writing a weekly blog about what it is like for her to return to life after 2.5 years of serious illness, unable to work or go to school because of debilitating Lyme disease. Today, Kristen is recovered and 100% Lyme free. With health, anything is possible, yes. Still, it’s a challenge and much work to rebuild one’s life, relationships, and career – essentially rebuilding from scratch – after relationships destroyed, family ties torn apart, and career momentum halted. Kristen has chosen to share her rebuilding process publicly, so others can learn from her post-Lyme experiences and know that life after Lyme does exist… and it can be good!

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About Kristen’s Blog and Journey

By having the courage to publicly share her story and post-Lyme rebuilding process, Kristen hopes that others will see what’s possible – it’s time we shatter our collective society’s glass ceiling of “chronic” illness management and grow into 100% full recovery. It is possible.

I, Kristen, am living proof.

I don’t have any illusions that I’m the first person to ever recover 100% from late-stage, neurological Lyme disease with Lyme coinfections. Rather, I believe many of us probably have… yet where are these other success stories and inspirations for 100% recovery (not symptom management)? Perhaps others who recovered 100% returned to their busy lives, quickly becoming too busy to share their post-Lyme experiences and strategies for success. Meanwhile, those continuing to struggle with illness post to blogs and contribute to websites on Lyme and chronic illness… which can be depressing. Worse, this creates a collective reality — a false reality, I believe — so people believe that Lyme is a “forever” label that cannot be cured. Wrong.  Collectively, we face a self-imposed constraint.

It’s our modern “four minute barrier” to healing, analogous to how people once thought that it was physically impossible for the human body to run a mile in less than four minutes time… until someone did. One individual broke this “impossible” four-minute barrier and the floodgates opened with others following suit… because, suddenly, they knew they could.

NOW is our time to open the floodgates to 100% healing — know that 100% healing from late-stage Lyme disease and other complex, “chronic” illnesses is possible. Not easy, no. But possible, YES!

I begin this KTH 2.0 blog having survived late-stage, neurological Lyme disease and through the 100% healing barrier – now with excellent health but little more as 2013 begins…

As of this writing on January 1, 2013, I am BROKE with serious medical debts, UNEMPLOYED in a horrible economy, and SINGLE like a 30-something “Diary of Bridget Jones” spinster in Maine… Yikes! Humbling! It’s hard to admit to myself, let alone to publicly come clean and share this current reality with the world. Courage comes to mind, but there are no metals for surviving late-stage Lyme. Still, the post-Lyme story of rebuilding my life must start somewhere, so why not here???

Frankly, I’m embarrassed. Humbled. Somewhat ashamed. But, then, I remember that I did not ask to be bitten by an infected tick or bring on this illness by some fault of my own. There shouldn’t be shame in having fallen ill. Rather, it’s the truth – my history, my truth, right now — and all healing, growth, success, and good things rest on a foundation of truth.

My Lyme recovery journey taught me the healing power of candor, authenticity, honesty, transparency, acceptance, and surrender – ultimate surrender to my illness and imposed realities of Lyme limitations, as they came day-to-day, frustrating & painful as they were. Only through such candid acceptance did I return to life. Therefore, it makes sense to me that if I wish to rebuild my post-Lyme life to its highest potential, then I must also embrace these same principles – candor, authenticity, honesty, transparency, acceptance, and surrender. I am here, as is, right now.

There’s zero sense wasting energy by pretending a spade isn’t a spade… or my bank account is full and I’m happily married with the white picket fence. Nope. So, I begin this KTH 2.0 blog by owning that I am post-Lyme and I am broke. Indebted. Unemployed. Single… and fortunate as heck to be 100% Lyme free, since September 5, 2012. With gratitude I count my blessings – – grateful for my education, optimism, and excellent health. I find comfort in Gandhi’s words of wisdom, “It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of silver and gold.”

She who has health, has hope. And she who has hope, has everything…

Now, let’s begin the post-Lyme life & rebuilding KTH 2.0…

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